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Earn $1499 to $5000/mo. Selling 12 best Dropship ecommerce Stores Marketplace

★Why buy simple website when you can get an Ecommerce Dropshipping business Marketplace + 12 Stores within your low budget for higher ROI? ★Start your own online Business and become a BOSS ★No reserve


Earn $1499 to $5000/mo. Selling 12 best Dropship ecommerce Stores Marketplace

★Why buy simple website when you can get an Ecommerce Dropshipping business Marketplace + 12 Stores within your low budget for higher ROI? ★Start your own online Business and become a BOSS ★No reserve

★ Trusted Flippa Seller ★ 100% Positive Feedback from 34 Transactions ★ Easy to communicate with ★ 24 hours support

Earn Passive income with 3 verified ways. 

1. Selling 12 Hot Niche Dropshipping Stores

2. Selling “Custom Website Development” Packages for Profit

3. Selling “Web Hosting Packages” for Profit

Please Read details till the last line.

Get ready to become a C.E.O of a super simple online website Marketplace. Earn from $149 to $1000+ per day without paid marketing OR $1200 to $5000 with paid marketing.

 Sell Premium Money Making Dropship Stores that people love to buy for passive income.
You are buying not just a simple website but a fully functional automated online business that is ready to make you money with a very little effort that you can do in your spare time.

★ First of all let’s share some details about seller:

  • I’m a Web Developer, Hosting Reseller, Digital Marketer and Domain investor since 2012.
  • I’ve been creating and selling online businesses since last 8 years.
  • My prime concern is to help and support people like you to make passive income from low investment to higher ROI (return on investment).
  • · I’ve 100% positive feedback not only on Flippa but on some other marketplaces because I love to sell my assets on multimillion marketplaces.

 DropshipChampion.com​​ is a brand-able name for Dropship Stores marketplace. It’s a keyword rich domain name that attracts buyer’s attention.

  1. It is built with WordPress + woocommerce that is the popular pair of latest ecommerce requirements.
  2. Beautiful Responsive Design to increase more accessibility for all the devices.
  3. Easy to understand and easy to manage business model.
  4. Lowest investment for highest profit.

★ What is the business model and profit margin:

Business Model:

  1. It’s simple; The customer will order dropship store(s) and pay instantly via PayPal. You’ll receive instant money in your PayPal.
  2. the customer will get instant website download link in the inbox right after successful payment with document of setup and configuration instructions.
  3. You’ll keep your profit.

After buying this marketplace, you’ll be selling pre-made automated dropshipping ecommerce online Stores for listed price or you can change and enter your own price so the profit is on your own choice.

★ You’ll be selling :

  • Pre-made 12 ecommerce online Dropshipping Stores for “Full 100% profit”. Direct Payment in your PayPal.
  • Custom Website Packages for 20% commission (one-time) on each order. We’ll complete your order and deliver to your customer.
  • Web hosting packages for 40% commission (one-time) on each order. We’ll provide web hosting service to your customer according to the package description.

★ What if I’ve my own Developer and hosting Reseller:

  • If you have your own web developer, that’s cool. You can manage by yourself. No Restrictions.
  • You can outsource custom website order to your own developer or at “Fiverr” for more profit.
  • Similarly, if you have a web hosting “Reseller account” or Affiliate Account with any Web host, you’re welcome to forward the order to them for affiliate income.

★ Your per month Earning Potential:

Ok, So you are ready to start your personal online business were you will be selling pre-made ecommerce Dropshipping Stores from $149 to $249 per store but you will be in full control to change the prices by your choice.

★ How will I receive payment and profit?

You need to provide us your PayPal id or you can replace our PayPal id with yours in the payment option so you will be paid directly from the customer as soon as they order a dropship store, Custom website or Web hosting package.

★ How easy is to earn with this without giving regular time?

It’s a very interesting business because everything is automated and you will be making passive income while you are sleeping, busy in your personal works, traveling around, or at picnic with your family.

★ What experience or skill is required.

The awesome thing is, “No experience required” so you don’t need to be a developer or programmer because you can outsource the tasks that you can’t do or don’t have time to do. We are here to help.

★ How much can I make with some marketing?

So you can make possibly $1000 to $5000 for a little effort or just to run a marketing campaign at Facebook, Google or any other network of your choice.

★ Is it safe to buy from you? Is it a genuine business?

Well, its 100% safe and genuine drop shipping business just like shopify and other dropshipping websites but the difference is “This is totally Free”. Unlike shopify, you don’ t need to pay for a monthly fee. Its built with Free ecommerce tools. ( More information will be provided to the successful bidder)

Also it’s not any kind of scam. This is the most popular and trendy business since last couple of years and people love to buy and make money with this full automated system. You can read the feedback from our previous buyers.

★ Let’s figure out possible earning slabs:

· If you sell 5 stores in a month for $149 each: Your earning will be $745

· If you sell 5 stores in a month for $199 each: Your earning will be $995

· If you sell 5 stores in a month for $249 each: Your earning will be $1,245

So at least $1000 can be earned without any paid marketing via Social media link sharing on FB, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

★ What CMS is website built on? How will I manage my dropshipping marketplace?

· Your marketplace is built with super easy CMS WordPress that is very easy to learn and manage and you can understand everything within couple of hours if you have zero knowledge.

· It’s very easy to manage without any prior experience because everything is super simple and already setup so you will only need to understand the process and that’s all. We’ll provide support and guideline about receiving orders and store backup and transfers to te customer.

★ What if I want to increase the number of Stores for sale?

Well, currently there are 12 high quality dropshipping stores for sale but if you want to increase more stores, you can contact us so we can add latest bestselling dropshipping stores to your marketplace for a minor fee.

★ What if I receive a “Custom Website” Order?

· You can simply forward the order to us so we can provide you te best results according to the requirements given by the customer. On-time delivery and quality will be guaranteed.

★ You will earn 20% commission from each Custom order you received and sent to us:

1. Beginner: $59.88 (one-time), your commission will be around $12.00 (one time)

2. Smart: $119.88 (one-time), your commission will be around $24.00 (one time)

3. Professional: $189.88 (one-time), your commission will be around $38.00 (one time)

4. Expert: $239.88 (one-time), your commission will be around $48.00 (one time)

★ What if I receive a “Web hosting package” Order?

Well, Web hosting packages are additional income source other than dropshipping store sales, so you can make double money with selling dropshipping stores + web hosting package “to those who don’t already have any web hosting account and as per my personal experience every fifth customer request for web hosting account as well so you have opportunities to double the income with hosting packages.

Anyways, if you already have a “Web Hosting Reseller” account with any Hosting provider, that’s cool and you can manage by yourself, otherwise you can simply receive the order for web hosting package and then forward the order to us so we will create hosting account for your customer and you will get 40% commission from the total paid web hosting price. For instance, you forwarded the following orders:

1. Starter: $4.99/mo (around $60/year), your commission will be (around $24.00)

2. Economy: $9.99/mo (around $120/year), your commission will be (around $48.00)

3. Delux: $14.99/mo (around $180/year), your commission will be (around $72.00)

4. Super Saver: $19.99/mo (around $240/year), your commission will be (around $96.00)

Free website transfer and setup from us to your customer.

★ How to reply to the customer’s question?

Please refer the customer to “FAQ” page for basic questions.

You can send us any specific tech related question asked from your customer so we will reply and you can forward that message to your customer.

★ What will your customer get on ordering a Dropshipping store at your marketplace?

The customer will receive instant download link in is inbox after successful payment by PayPal. The customer will be able to received:

· Dropship store download link including WordPress website backup files + database

· Instructions for setting up website in cpanel + configuration details (instructions file in text)

· Instructions about creating social media pages to promote your marketplace

· 24/7 online technical support

★ What will “You” get on Buying this Dropshipping stores marketplace from us?

On buying this marketplace you will get:

1. Domain Name: DropshipChampion.com
Domain will be pushed to your Dynadot account. It has full year to renew.

2. Complete WordPress website backup files and database file including Free theme + ecommerce Plugin + basic plugins + pages (text, images, slider pics).

3. Complete WordPress backup files + databases of all 12 dropshipping stores that are currently listed for sale at marketplace.

4. Download instructions, Download links source, Download details for the buyer.

5. Setup and configuration instructions for buyer’s cpanel

6. Free Transfer on buyer’s cpanel (on-demand)


· Above mentioned stuff

· 50% commission on buying Web hosting packages for customer

· 40% commission on forwarding a “Custom website design” order from your customer.

· Free 300 to 400 targeted visitors daily for 1 month (Total around 10,000 visitors/month)

· Free 10 websites transfer (setup on customer’s cpanel)

· Free 10 days technical support, bug fixing, error resolutions, add/remove items

· Free Basic SEO optimization (on-page)

· Free website submission in Google webmaster

· Free website submission in Google Analytics

· Free update of dropship stores version

· Free Stores Listing at Ebay.com

· Free Facebook, twitter, pinterest business pages.

Note: Since this is a highly profitable and most demanding items, chances are it will be sold for “Buy Now” price for the Free awesome services so don’t wait any longer and “Hit Buy Now Button” now to make it yours right away before someone else does.

BUY NOW : $975 ​Payment by paypal​

Should you have any other question, feel free to ask.

Please make sure you can pay via only PayPal because No Escrow or other option will be accepted.

Thanks for your precious time and Bidding.

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